Welcome to my blog spot. Every writer has unique experiences over the course of their “journey”–because it IS a journey of discovery–about yourself and about how others see you. My own “journey” started when I was five and I began to write stories set on other planets, or with mythical and mystical settings. I soon found that most people didn’t have these stories in their heads, so I kept them to myself.  Later, when I was in high school (and I was still writing) and reading s.f. and fantasy, I learned that my contemporaries and my teachers had a severe negative reaction to my choice of reading material. My English teacher told me to put away my science fiction book during a library visit and to find a “proper book”. When I discovered ‘Star Trek’and ‘Lost in Space’ — I was beyond “saving”. I wrote fan fic and published fanzines. I learnt how to write in fan fic and when I started to write my own characters and settings (due to reader response), I guess I became a writer.  That was over thirty years ago. My first professional sale was in the 1998 – a vampire  romance.  Despite being told by industry professionals that “no one wants to read about vampires”, I stuck to my ‘vamps’ and sold a short story and a novel.

Over the course of my professional writing career, I’ve learnt a lot of stuff – often through mistakes,; through blood, sweat and many tears. In the days before the internet, authors were isolated and suffered the tyranny of distance (from other writers, from markets and from information).

I write and I publish and I also am a freelance editor, as well as contracted to assess manuscripts for one of the top MS assessment agencies in Australia. I also teach writing and regularly present workshops and conferences. I’m also working on a how-to-write and-get-published interactive book–based on my experiences as writer and editor and teacher.

So, this leads me to a feature I plan to be ongoing in my blog. I will give regular “writing tips”. The tips might be lengthy or short, depending on the topic. I can also answer try and answer queries from you.

I have a website and if you would like to see more about me, photos, book covers, and my publishign credits, please go to


There is also a FaceBook link, at my website, so you can “friend” me if you’d like to.

Best wishes


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